At Base, pressure is low so that artists can take risks. Base encourages hard work, joie de vivre and critical dialogue in order to strengthen the artistic ecology of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Base Residency

Our signature program is the Base Residency, a three-week, immersive experience with full-time access to the space and a range of other benefits. Visit the Base Residency page for details, FAQ and information on how to apply.

Previously awarded by invitation, the Base Residency Program has provided the gift of creative time and space to eight different Seattle-based individual artists, including 2018 Base Resident Artists Jade Solomon Curtis, Babette Pendleton and Petra Zanki. 


Affordable Rental

Base is available for hourly, daily and weekly rentals to artists seeking space for rehearsal, performance, teaching and/or gathering. Our rental information sheet has details. To rent space hourly, you may check availability on our calendar then contact us with rental inquiries. 

Rehearsals: $10/hr for individual artists and small groups

Classes, workshops and creative gatherings: $25-$75/hr; handled on a case-by-case basis by Base staff.

Download our rental information sheet, lighting inventory, sound inventory or ground plan with rep plot.


Base Independent

A scalable rental program for artists, the Base Independent program is designed to give independent artists and groups the opportunity to perform their work at subsidized, artist-friendly rates. The Base Independent is available as a one-night, weekend, weeklong or monthlong performance opportunity, and comes with house management, technical orientation and marketing support. For more information on the Base Independent program, including rates, visit the Base Independent page. Our Base Independent FAQ page also contains useful details on the program.

Base Independent applications are now being accepted. The application deadline is May 24, 2019.

Download our rental information sheet, lighting inventory, sound inventory or ground plan with rep plot.



Base offers internships on a rolling basis in areas of marketing, documentation/archiving, technical theater and 12 Minutes Max. Get in touch to learn more.



Help make our performances and events run smoothly and sign up to be on our volunteer roster—you’ll get a free ticket and be part of the vibrant community at Base.


Equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, Base is a flexible space for all kinds of events, including meetings, wedding receptions, dinners, parties, photo/video shoots and more. Contact Base with questions about private events and other rentals.

Private Events