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Workshop: 28 problems with Dayna Hanson

Explore the movement vocabulary and aesthetic logic of Dayna Hanson’s 28 problems.

REGISTRATION: Space is limited. Please email to reserve a spot in the workshop. Payment of $25 will be accepted at the event. 

Join choreographer Dayna Hanson and dancers Madison Haines and Julia Sloane for an immersion into the vocabulary and logic of Hanson’s dance, 28 problems. Based on a sheet of handwritten calculus equations, 28 problems is made up of more than 40 discrete movements. As participants learn 28 problems material, they’re encouraged to let the mental challenge of executing complex sequences interrupt default learning patterns and suggest new body-mind connections. We’ll dig deep into questions of presence, choreographic detail and texture; participants will disrupt existing choreography with new compositional patterns. By exploring the translation-based methods behind 28 problems and examining Hanson’s idiomatic approach to her source material, participants will walk away with new ideas for generating performance that is rigorous, authentic and vital.

Open to all levels and backgrounds.