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12 Minutes Max @ Base

12 Minutes Max is an informal, low-tech performance lab for new and in-progress work in contemporary dance, music, theater and multidisciplinary art. Each edition is curated by a different pair of community curators; curators for the May 2018 edition are Florangela Davila and Tyisha Nedd. 

Sunday, May 20 7pm & 9pm
Monday, May 21 7pm
Tickets: $12, available online


barry johnson (Seattle) “3” is an exploration of identity seen from three different views—my view, your view and the truth. An immersive experience in which dancer/choreographer Randy Ford uses a mirror, sound, fabric and film projections to embody each view.

Mother Tongue (Seattle) “ADLFDA” is a song by Skull Cat, which is a project of Mother Tongue, which is a multi-dimensional, two-headed art making machine.

Alia Swersky (Seattle) “i am the MOUNTAIN | this MOUNTAIN will crumble” is a solo that explores how to simultaneously embody a state of strength and surrender until something gives.

Patrick Clark (Seattle) In “10x,” a musician is about to give a recital but is crippled by printed messages that reveal his self-loathing and inner struggles.

Ariel Burke & Jessica Jobaris (Seattle) “Shiny Hands Tiny Disasters” is a duet in which two people stranded in the outer edges of the universe perform looping cycles through text, movement and stillness.

Lavinia Vago (Seattle) “Study of movement + states + sound + audience, a solo” investigates the depth and crevices of the mind through highly physical exploration. A symposium of improvisational composition, confined in a room of sound.

Alaji & Elijah (Seattle) “My sister lit her house on fire” moves through a poem of sisterhood, alcoholism, growing up, and the impact of depression on those around us.

Latino Theatre Projects (Seattle) “Aqua” explores the relationship of Afro-descended women in Latin America with water.

12 Minutes Max is a performance lab for new and experimental works that was first developed by On the Boards in 1981. In this performance short series artists present 12 minutes of material, giving audiences an opportunity to be the first to see works-in-progress, some of which will go on to become full-length pieces. 12 Minutes Max has inspired similar programs in Vancouver, B.C., Bellingham, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Houston, and the works presented range from performance art to dance, from experimental theater to sound art, from spoken word to comedy, and more.

At the invitation of On the Boards, 12 Minutes Max was revived by Base in 2017.