Base Independent Productions (BIP) Program FAQs

These questions and answers are intended to provide detailed context to potential applicants to the BIP program. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please email us.

For a one-night BIP, when do I load in? What time do I need to be fully loaded out?
One-night BIPS load in at 10am and load out by midnight.

For a weekend BIP, when do I load in? When do I need to be fully loaded out?
Weekend BIPs load in at 10am Friday and load out by midnight Sunday.

For a one-week BIP, when do I load in? When do I need to be fully loaded out?
One-week BIPs load in at 10am Monday morning and load out by midnight Sunday.

What is the seating capacity at Base?
Making full use of our risers, chairs and floor cushions, you can seat approximately 80 people per performance. The maximum capacity of Base is 92.

Can anyone else use Base during my BIP?
You have exclusive access to Base during your BIP. You can use the performance space, kitchen/green room, bathroom and tech loft in support of your production. Base staff may have minimal access during your BIP.

Who will run my show?
Base provides a 90-minute tech orientation at or before your load-in. You must provide a qualified technician to run sound and lights for your show.

I have video in my show but don’t own a projector. Can Base help?
Base’s video projector is available to you; instructions will be included in your tech orientation.

Can I set the space up however I want?
You can install seating and re-hang and focus the lights as you wish to best suit your show. You must restore the plot and return all technical equipment to where you found them before loading out.

Can I use a BIP for non-performance related uses?
The BIP program is intended for artists wishing to mount public performances. If you have another artistic use in mind, please email us before applying for the BIP program. If you’d like to rent Base for a different kind of event, please email us.

Can I use Base’s Marley floor?
You can use the Marley floor for an additional charge of $150. We will install and de-install the floor for you.

Who handles house management?
BIP comes with a house manager for up to three performances. We can provide additional house management for an additional charge of $90 per performance.

What about volunteers?
You are responsible for providing volunteers for load-in, box office, concessions and strike for your BIP. Your volunteer crew must also include exterior door monitors.

Do you provide marketing support?
If you provide copy, images and other assets, we will create an event page on our website for your BIP. In addition, we typically include BIP events in our social media activities and our monthly newsletter.

What is the parking situation at Base?
Base is located within Equinox Studios in Georgetown, with free street parking available on and around 5th Avenue South, River Street and throughout the neighborhood.

When is BIP payment due?
A 30% deposit is due when you sign your BIP contract. The remaining fee is due on the first day of your BIP. A security deposit of $200, also due on the first day of your BIP, will be returned at the end of your BIP unless damage occurs.

What if I change my mind or have to cancel my BIP?
If you cancel your contract within 46-60 days of your BIP, you will need to pay Base 20% of your fee. If you cancel within 11-45 days of the contracted dates, 50% of the fee is due.  If you cancel less than 10 days before your BIP, 100% of your fee will be due to Base.

I’d like to apply, but I’m not sure when my collaborators are free. Can I apply anyway?
We urge you to apply for dates that you know will work for your collaborators. If it’s too early for you to know, be aware that we will issue future BIP calls as new dates become available.

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