Base Residency FAQs

These questions and answers are intended to provide detailed context to potential applicants to the Base Residency program. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please email us.

How long is the Base Residency?
The Base Residency is approximately three full-access weeks at Base. Base Residents have round-the-clock access to Base during their residency period.

Can the Base Residency be spread out throughout the calendar year, rather then concentrated in three consecutive weeks?
The Base Residency takes place within pre-determined, three-week windows in the calendar. The program is an immersive, three-week experience; the time may not be redistributed or rescheduled.

Can I use a Base Residency to produce a show?
The Base Residency is intended to support an artist’s immersive work on projects and/or practices and is not designed to stage performances. If you’re interested in self-producing your work at Base, learn about the Base Independent Production program.

Can a Base Resident install a set or introduce technical or design elements?
Base Residents are free to transform the space during their residency, bringing in props, set pieces or other elements, as long as they restore the space at the conclusion of the residency. Base Residents may also use the Base video projector, sound system and lights as needed.

What is the Base Open House?
The Base Open House is an opportunity for the community to interface with Base Resident Artists. There is no set format for the Base Open House; rather it is designed by each Resident according to their needs and wishes. It may take the form of a showing, conversation, open rehearsal or something else entirely. It is mandatory and takes place on the afternoon of the last Sunday of the Base Residency.

What is the selection process for the Base Residency Program?
The Base co-founders invite a member of the arts community to join them in reviewing applications and selecting Base Resident Artists.

What are the selection criteria for the Base Residency Program?
The Base Residency Program is designed for individual artists and collaborators working in contemporary, experimental idioms within disciplines of dance, performance, theater and multidisciplinary art. Students and artists enrolled in graduate programs are not eligible to apply. Preference is given to Seattle-based artists.

Can I set the space up however I want?
You have flexibility to set up the space to best suit the needs of your residency. If you make use of Base’s technical equipment—for example if you re-hang and focus the lights during your residency—you must restore the plot and return all technical equipment to where you found them before loading out.

Can I leave my stuff—including props, set pieces and equipment—at Base during my residency?
Yes, the space is yours for the duration of your residency; there’s no need to strike or pack out your materials until the residency period is over.

Is Base’s Marley floor available?
Yes, although we require advance notice for installation.

Do you provide support beyond time in the space?
We provide a range of in-kind support, including technical orientation and tailored support from the co-directors in areas of marketing, fundraising, documentation and professional development.

What is the parking situation at Base?
Base is located within Equinox Studios in Georgetown, with free street parking available on and around 5th Avenue South, River Street and throughout the neighborhood.

I’d like to apply, but I’m not sure if my schedule allows me to commit to any of the dates listed. Can I apply anyway?
We urge you to apply for dates that you know will work for your collaborators. If it’s too early for you to know, be aware that we will issue future Base Residency calls each year.

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