At Base, pressure is low so that artists can take risks. Base encourages hard work, joie de vivre and critical dialogue in order to strengthen the artistic ecology of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Base Residency

The signature program at Base is a multi-week residency in which an artist or group can settle in and work on a project. The residency includes a combination of 40-hour and full-access weeks at Base, along with the following:

  • Freedom to transform the space with visual and scenic design elements
  • Consultation with Base Technical Director, Dave Proscia 
  • Consultation with Co-directors Dayna Hanson and/or Peggy Piacenza
  • Opportunities to share new work with audiences, either informally or formally—from open rehearsals and showings to exhibitions and performances

Base Residencies are awarded by invitation. Meet the 2017 Base Resident Artists.


Base Subsidy Program

Base awards subsidized studio time to a limited number of Seattle area artists on a rotating basis. Selected artists can rent the space at a subsidized rate of $8/hour for rehearsals, research and creative time. Understanding that most artists can benefit from low rental rates, Base aims to share this opportunity with a broad cross section of artists over time. Priority is given to dance, theater and multidisciplinary artists working in contemporary and experimental forms. The Base Subsidy Program is currently open for submissions. Please complete the application and submit by 11:59pm, September 15, 2017.


Base Anchor Tenancy


Affordable Rental

Base hosts two anchor tenants each year, each of whom receive blocks of rehearsal time at a subsidized rate. Anchor tenancies are currently awarded by invitation. Base's 2017 Anchor Tenants are Kristen Kosmas and Kate Wallich.

Base is available for hourly, daily and weekly rentals to artists seeking space for rehearsal, performance, teaching and/or gathering. 

Rehearsals: $10/hr for individual artists and small groups

Classes, workshops and creative gatherings: $25-$75/hr; handled on a case-by-case basis by Base staff.

Event rentals for artists: $300 and up for a six-hour rental. Includes basic tech support and house manager; additional technical support is available at an additional cost. Performances and events are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Base Independent Productions

Weekly rental program for artists: $1,400 and up. Includes basic tech support and house manager; additional technical support is available at an additional cost. Weekly rentals for performances are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact Base for more information.

Contact Base to learn more about how to rent space for your work or download our rental information sheet.



Base internships and volunteer opportunities are available now. Contact Base for more information.


Other Uses

Base is a suitable space for all kinds of events, including dinners, parties, corporate events, photo/video shoots and more. Contact Base with questions about private events and other rentals.